Greetings! Please bear with me.

I downloaded a blu-ray rip without subs (Brief: x264, mkv, 720p, dts) but the dialogues volume was very low. Even the genuine blu-ray's online reviewerslike and bothhave the same complaint about the title.

I tried searching the web for a tool just to increase the volume of the dialogues, to no avail. Don't want to use DRC. (Any suggestions?)

Then I downloaded the DVDRip and de-muxed the audio track and the videotimecode using MKVcleaver 64. I merged the audio with the blu-ray rip using MKVmerge gui adding external subs(.srt). I had to use audio time delay option and apply the DVDRip's video timecode to the blu-ray's video.

Now, time delay is not acceptable to standalone Blu-ray players as far as I know. I have tested LG and Sony. Also, I wanted to fit the title on a single DVD-R, so I had to re-encode the video to x264, mkv, 720p, AC3 using Xmedia Recode.

Here is the real issue….. I wanted merged subs not hard coded, hence the “Copy”option, but on my Sony Blu-Ray HT the subs just flash on the screen for split seconds throughout the run time and are unreadable. When I play the file using VLC player the subs are stuck on the screen until the next dialogue. This happens whether I copy or import . I had successfully done this for two different video titles with some older versions of Xmedia Recode and MKVmerge a year back. Unfortunely, I don’tremember the versions.

If I use mkvmerge with MP4 as the source file, the merged subs are fine whether encoded with Xmedia or not but if there is any other input format, I get the above mentioned issue, invalid file/format error or blank screen with no runtime in Sony and VLCx64. If I download a video file that already contains subs, there is no issue with the HT or PC. I watch the video file without an issue turning the subs on or off.

I’ve tried re-encoding with Avidemux and merging subs with mkvmerge to no avail. I’ve experienced this issue with all available versions of Avidemux, Xmedia Recode, Xvid4PSP and mkvmerge compatible with Windows 7 x64.

I enjoy watching movies with surround sound on my HT, hence I burn all tested video files on DVD-Rs but Sony HT doesn’t accept external subs, they have to be merged in MKV or Vob containers.

Any comments, suggestions, correction or solution will help. Please.

Also, what is the different between Xvid4PSP libavcodec and avisynth versions?

Thanks in advance.