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    Hi all,

    I wanted to see if you can help me recover what I think are corrupt .MTS files. I was recording video using a Panasonic HDC TM-900 camcorder and a 32GB SD card. Having recorded 8 videos that were around 15minutes each I came to transfer them from the CD card. Having done this successfully I was watching the files back and it seems like only the first 3 playback. When I try to play back files 4 - 8 it comes up with an error that says "cannot play the file - nu-recognised file format"

    Then I tried in Adobe premier Pro and Media encoder and both could open the file. I have a strange feeling the files may have been corrupt as I cannot view the from the camera and having copied them to my hard drive - the files on the SD card were automatically deleted?

    Does anyone know how to recover .MTS files or tell me if the files have actually become corrupt?



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    try a different media player. but it doesn't really matter as adobe accepts them, just render them out to a format you want.

    no files are "automatically deleted" unless you chose to "move" or "cut" them rather than "copy" them.
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  3. You can try to preview and repair your corrupt .MTS files here:

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