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  1. I have > 800 files with .avi DVC/DV content created by ADobe Premiere coming from mini DV. This cannot be played on mediaplayer Dune D1. Incredible but confirmed by Dune helpdesk.

    I consider to send back the Dune.

    So either I should convert or maybe connect the files which are on computer which is on network and connect via Wifi to laptop. In worst case with LAN from network pc to Laptop and via HDMI to TV to have Samsung tv as screen of laptop.

    I need to buy some longer cables to sit on couch, but maybe saves me lots of work to convert!! Windows mediaplayer and VLC are playing teh files !!! I don't understand why DUne cannot do this!!

    Could it be done via Wifi and HDMI cable or should I connect with LAN and HDMI to TV?

    If problemetic I could consider to use the external HD which has a copy of all files on my pc. Then connect via USB to laptop and then with HDMI to TV.

    Could this also work with 3D files??Should I buy a HDMI 1.4 sourcing to play 3D on laptop?? Samsung only has 1.3 but plays 3D. I am getting lost here.

    Looking forward to hear your advice.
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  2. No standalone player plays DV AVI or raw DV files. You might find a DLNA server that can transcode to MPEG 2 for a DLNA client. Otherwise use the laptop via LAN.
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