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  1. I am splitting an HDMI signal from my HP Pavilion DM1 Notebook using a 1x4 HDMI splitter. The signal is being sent to 4 TV's (1) 25' HDMI cable to Samsung 32" LCD 720p (2) 10' HDMI cable to Samsung 19" LCD 720p (3) 75' HDMI cable to Philips 46" LCD 720p (4) 75' HDMI cable to Samsung 55" 6000 series LED 1080p. I am using a 6' HDMI cable to connect the notebook to the splitter and both of the 75' HDMI cables are directional and have inline signal boosters. The signal to all TV's is fine with the exception of the 55" Samsung which does not recognize any signal when connected through the splitter. The same cable works fine when connected to any of the other TV's and works with the 55" Samsung when connected directly to the Notebook. I have disconnected the other TV's from the splitter and connected only the 55" Samsung and although the Notebook recognizes a dual display with a Samsung at 1920x1080, the 55" Samsung still does not have a signal. I have connected the splitter to my home PC and then to the 55" Samsung and my 25" HP monitor and both work fine. I am at a loss as to what to try next. Any help would be appreciated.
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    the simple answer is that your Samsung 55" doesn't like or recognize that hdmi splitter....i would try another one. They aren't very expensive to give it a try
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  3. I wouldn't hesitate to buy a different splitter if I thought it was the splitter. But since the splitter works fine with the 55" Samsung when I split the signal from my Home PC, I wouldn't think it would be the splitter . . .
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    Maybe there is interference from the "signal booster". Maybe that Samsung 55' is not very good at "negotiation"...

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