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  1. ffmpeg and its preset DVD mpeg2enc it seems dont support deinterlace option ? what to do if i want make dvd form interlaced tv material with texts. my idea use another dvd engine (ffmpegx i think) to deinterlace and use resulted file with allready know method to add subtitles. of course means i pack ile two times but still i also have idea i pack is best possible quality in first step which should reduce repack problems. and if this good idea what settings you recommd and s08rce material is Non HD Pal TV material.
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    If you intend to playback the output DVD on a tv, then do not de-interlace. De-interlacing will reduce quality and you won't notice interlacing artifacts on a tv.

    If you want to try out de-interlacing anyway, then there is a Deinterlace checkbox in the Filters tab for mpeg2enc conversions.
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  3. Reduces quality i know but this button dont do nothing and i see problem with tv somehow i think broadcast is non interlaced but made baddly
    and when i activate deinterlace form vlc they go away. sometimes they also mess 4:3/16:9 "tag" (i mean 4.3 stuff shows in 16:9 for example) with tv channels and many tvs dont even notice this info but some stuff regonises it...
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