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    To all you experienced aficionados out there, here is my situation: we need to connect a Panasonic VHS camcorder AG-DP800HP to a Toshiba laptop Qosmio X305-Q701 which will then connect to a Toshiba projector TLP-T720. The camera has an S-Video connection for video out, the laptop only has a VGA connection and the projector has 3-VGA connections (1 for monitor, 2 for Computer1 and Computer 2) in addition to RCA jacks and S-video. The laptop display can be modified four different ways: computer only, projector only, duplicate or extended mode. We were successful in connecting the camera to the projector and connecting the laptop to the projector but we are lost when it comes to connecting the camera to the laptop to the projector. If anyone can help us configure this, it would be greatly appreciated. We need this for an upcoming event out of town and really want to get this to work.
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    laptops only have video out, not in. you need an analog to digital converter from the camera to the laptop. there are usb units you can get.
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