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  1. Hello, I am trying for some time now to find a design pattern for a video player. I need to develop a player that can download chunks of movies( encoded frames ) from a server and display them to screen. The network protocol is custom and isn't a problem( I request a time span from the server ) . But I cannot imagine a model for this player that can support seek and revers playback(remember that the frames are divX or h264 encoded).
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  2. Sorry, I probably can't be of any real help but here are my 2 cents:
    you probably would have to make sure you downloaded a whole gop, decode all the frames of the gop and than display them in the order you want (I assume there's no audio involved),... btw. isn't what you are planning basically setting up a custom streaming server and client?
    -> I would recommend to look into libav and may be existing streaming server&client projects,..
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