I have made a slide show with AVS video editor. It was very simple. All I did was drop the photos in the video time line and they automatically seem to run for the right length of time which is about 3 seconds or so. I then added a mp3 song which I had to edit to make longer. For some reason I couldn't edit the music or photos separately so I just slid the music to the far right of the timeline beyond the slide photo area and edited it there.

I changed the frame rate to 1 frame per second and that came out fine and kept the file size way down. I lowered the bit rate from 1500 to 1,000 but I think I can go much lower for a slide show. So I was wondering if anyone knows what that should be. The slide show with music is just a little over 4 minutes long and the file size is only about 8 megabytes.

Also, I wonder if there is any degradation of the quality of the photos when doing such conversions which I changed to 640 by 320 in the h.264 video format. Do people even use video editing programs to do slide shows?

Is there a better way to do slide shows with music?