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  1. It is part capture from 8mm in the background i see moving but nothing on the screen
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  2. only blackness for me
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  3. Me too is there any program that can "extract" something out of it.

    I also captured something ( from the same film ) but it is very dull and dark and not bright at all i even changed almost everything on the camera ( probably the film it self is vanishing) and i will upload it later if there something can be done about it
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  4. Guest34343
    There is nothing there to extract. Sorry.
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  5. Not much there.
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  6. What about this one
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  7. There's more to work with there. Try the levels filter in VirtualDub. Or AviSynth. Unfortunately, there's more noise than signal so you'll end up with very noisy video.

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    For noise reduction you might try intermediate levels adjustment, noise reduction, then final levels adjustment.
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  8. Thanks jagabo.
    capturing 8mm films sems very hard with the equipment that i have it is getting frustrating more and more.

    This particular home movie is very dark most of the time. The problem is that on wall it looks very crisp and clear with lots of details, but when captured to pc trough mini dv camera it goes down the toilet. Another problem that i didn't solve yet is the flickering difference fps problem ( 16,18 or whatever to 25 pal dvd ) The projector has variable speed but it doesn't says 16 or 18 or 24 just knob.

    I tried also multidecimate and it found duplicates with threshold 1 ( there was a lot of "stuff" frames in the 0,569 number whatever so it deletes them ( but after removing them it changed to around 9 fps?!) then i deinterlaced that qtgmc to double the speed and got around 18 fps which is close to video freds script so putting it trough solves the fps to 25 it is smooth but weird and i dont like his noise reduction levels thing ( even if i change all the parameters i hate over sharpening and halos on videos 8mm it is still very strong is there any script to use only the frame interpolation of 18fps to 25fps? ( i read about mflow and others ).

    Another thing concerning color correction is that if i want to stay in the "legal" values using histogram during capture in vdub the picture is washed out if i bump the contrast to make it more sharp it goes to red (overburns ) values.
    any thought on that
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