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  1. My main feature is split up over two titles (under the same VTS). Each title is about 48 minutes long. My subtitle file, consequently, is 1 hour and 36 minutes. When I use SubtitleCreator to make a new VIDEO_TS folder, it only maps the the subtitle file to the first title, and so 48 minutes of my subtitles go essentially nowhere. Is there a way to make SubtitleCreator apply the subs further than just the first title? I mean it's the same video stream, so it really shouldn't be that difficult. I don't know why it gets hung up on the superficial 'title' benchmark.

    Edit: At the bottom of SubtitleCreator's 'DVD Authoring Wizard,' it says "Main movie located in VTS_01_0.IFO, PGC 1 (00:48:22)." So it seems like you should be able to tell include both PGC 1 and 2. Or just tell it that the main movie is located at VOB id 1.
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  2. I don't know why you'd expect the single sub file to be divided over 2 titles. Either split the sub file or join the two titles into one.

    Is this a different problem from your other one where you had one title and two sub files? And this sub file didn't come from the two titles, but from somewhere else?
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  3. Yeah, I successfully merged the subs from before. But based on what you're saying, that was kind of pointless. I still have the separate files, so I'll try to apply them separately... The situation I have does sound sort of confusing, that's because I'm taking subtitles from two different discs and putting them on another disc.
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  4. So, it's the same 2 DVDs you're dealing with? But instead of it being in a single title on the Japanese DVD as you said last time, it's really divided among 2 different titles? Then you have no problem at all, do you? Two titles, two sets of subs. Just add each sub to the right title, and then add them back into the DVD.

    If you need help with any of that, just ask.
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