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  1. Hi, newbie here, been reading here a long time for help, but now needing to post a question myself for help,

    Actually, I'm changing the problem but can't edit the title or delete this thread so...

    I switched from capturing from DV cam to ADVC110 because I was only getting sound from one speaker,...but now with ADVC110 I am also only getting sound from one speaker.
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    What are you plugging into the ADVC110 and how are you plugging it in exactly?

    Anyway this is just a guess but it sounds like you have a mono source and it is only picking it up on one channel instead of both.

    A mono source would be, for example, a mono VHS VCR that only has 1 RCA output for audio (instead of 2 RCA outputs for audio).
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  3. I'm plugging it in from my S-VHS VCR into the input of Canopus ADVC110 and I'm plugging both the red and white composite cables into the red and white input.
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  4. Hmm, did something in windv and it appears to have fixed it...

    I set the configurations in windv to TYPE-2 avi...and now it plays...

    However, I've read here over the years that TYPE-2 avi has lots of problems....I think it was with syncing or something...

    hopefully i don't have to go use some audio editing software or anything and it works out...because it already takes a long time to record VHS as it is
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