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  1. Hello,
    It is me again
    Please I've two hard drives.
    I am using DVBViewer to capture.
    I am saving .TS, .MPEG-2 to HDD ( C: ).
    I do need to move all recorded files to the 2nd HDD ( D: ) as soon as recording stopped.
    The reason for this if you are following my other threads here is that I am using a computer for capturing only and using another one for encoding, I setup FTP Filezilla server on the computer I am recording and setup Filezilla Client on the computer I am editing into.
    In the past I've been using only 1 HDD and store all my recorded files into and then transfer it to the other computer using FTP and spped was fine.
    But if the computer is already recording nd I want to transfer files in the same time as well I've found speed is very low which make sense because HDD is doing two things in the same time.
    So I think about adding another HDD and make one for recording and another one for transfering files from.
    So I do save my files to HDD ( C: ) and then move them manually to HDD ( D: ) to end up with one HDD for recording and another HDD for storage and then move files from it to the other computer using FTP.

    The problem now is that I want to do these move automatically so I do not have to check it and then do the move.

    Also another thing that all the time there will be a file being used by the DVBViewer which is the file being recordrd.

    So does there is any way to move all un used files to the other HDD as soon as recording stopped!?

    I hope that I did explained it correctly the right way.

    Sorry for my bad English
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    Maybe I'm not clear on what you want to do. I don't use DVBViewer but can't you just tell it to record to the 2nd HD D There must be an Output file entry somewhere in the options. If I'm understanding you wrong and you want your capture to be in both HDs you might be able to enter both locations in the Output file entry or manualy move it from your C: HD with Sync Toy if using Windows.
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  3. Originally Posted by rwmol View Post
    Sync Toy if using Windows.
    You are the man.
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