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  1. Hi All,

    I have created and animation from 3dsMax and I need get it onto a 3D Blu ray. I am very new to this process and I have a terrible deadline, as usual

    So far I have learned that this is not as easy as I thought. I have the streams for each eye and I am unsure where to go from here.

    It would appear that Sony Vegas is the cheapest software to use that can actually do this properly, is this correct?

    What steps do I take once I have Vegas? Do I give Vegas the streams and will it do the rest?

    Thanks all
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    I am never going to understand why people take on assignments, probably for money, for things that they have no experience with. Yes, this is very complicated to do this, but we don't know if you even know how to make DVDs, let alone 3D BluRays.

    I have no idea if Vegas can do this or not. Others will have to comment. I know that Scenarist is capable of generating 3D BluRays, but it's insanely expensive as it is aimed for professionals. I am not in any way encouraging this behavior, but a clever person with decent internet skills might be able to find a (cough cough) "demo" version of Scenarist, if you know what I mean. However, do note that Scenarist is completely unintuitive and you would need a lot of training or guides to be able to use it. Note that Scenarist is simply an authoring tool and contains no editing functions or menu generation tools of any kind.
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    Sony vegas 10 pro had a free upgrade with stereoscopic 3d bluray support for registered users.
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  4. I agree with you jman, I would never have voluntarily taken this job on but sadly my employers did and so now I have a choice to do this or leave my job... I have written a lot of DVD's.

    I understand that I need merge both streams into MVC (where the one eye is the main stream and there is a second stream for the other eye). This MVC stream is the put on the disc. AFAIK Vegas can do this... (Thanks Bjs)

    I am getting Vegas 11 tomorrow and then hopefully things will be clearer once I open it up and start playing...
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    I'm on the road - will talk more tonite and hopefully will have some good tips for you...


    OK. If you already have the streams (I'm assuming 2 separate video files, one each per eyeview - and they MUST be either 720p50/60 or 1080p24/23.976), just buy Vegas 10.0d or 11 (the full, registered PRO version only) and import the media into the project. Then put both streams in the timeline. Make sure they both line up at the start (and assuming they are the same length and have the same framerate,etc) and they should be all synced up throughout the length of the program. So let's say you have the Left view stream in the Video Track #1 (lower) and the Right view stream in the Video Track #2 (upper).
    Then, you can either through a menu or by (IIRC) right-clicking should be able to "gang" the files together. The phrase here is usually "combine to stereoscopic stream", "Pair as Stereo3D subclip" or similar.

    Then make sure you have set up the stereo display defaults (usually this is done 1st). This will depend greatly on what kind of display monitor you have. If you have an HDMI 1.4a device (HDTV or Monitor), you could use Sbs or T/B options and switch the device manually into 3D (use whatever glasses work with your 3D display). If you have NO 3d-capable display, you can use anaglyph with any standard display, but you'll need a pair of anaglyph glasses (Red/Cyan is standard).

    Then edit, process, adjust 3D alignment/properties, add effects (making sure the 3D works correctly) & transitions. You can even add titles, but you need to make EXTRA sure your text has the correct parallax disparity (horizontal difference between the 2 views - yes, you'll need 2 views of text as well) in order for the text to remain IN FRONT of any video object AT ALL TIMES (this may need to be keyframed manually to ensure). Double check all along to make sure you don't have any stereo window violations, and if you do, you have to add a floating stereo window to fix it (might need further help to get this right).

    Then, just in case, save the project & render another (lossless?) pair of master streams (so if something goes wrong you don't need to do it all again).

    Then, go to [Tools | Burn Disc | Blu-ray Disc]. If you have been working with a valid BD3D-compliant stereoscopic content, it will automatically burn a Blu-ray disc (or DiscImage ISO file, which can later be burned by something like ImgBurn).

    That's it.

    Notice: There is NO feature for menus. To accommodate menus, you either have to take those final separate rendered streams and import into Cyberlink PowerDirector 10 Ultra (where you can create simple 3D menus for a BD3D) or you have to move up to the big boys and pay $6000+ for a real pro 3D encoding/authoring solution (NetBlender, BluPrint, Scenarist).

    There are other tips on the web, and the PDF Manual should get you going for Vegas...
    Good luck.
    If you need more higher-end BD3D help in the future, give me a buzz - I might be able to do a gig with you...
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  6. Thank you very much Scott!

    Your instructions were spot on. I have just managed to create my first 3D blu ray image, It WORKS! Luckily I don't need menus or titles. I am off the the venue to test on the clients hardware now.

    Thanks again I will post more on this later....

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