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  1. I've succeeded at trimming four MP4's into four usable MP4's but I'm failing at Multiplexing and could REALLY use some help at Demuxing four MP4's. Instead of continuing to fail and pull my hair out trying various authoring programs, I thought I'd seek some of the more knowledgable people here.

    I would so appreciate some assistance at Merging multiple MP4's, stripping each of their respective Audio tracks and then combining all four with a royalty free music track (mp3) into one BD. Pretty please ... with sugar and a beer on top.
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    what have you tried? a standard editing program like vegas studio platinum would work.
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  3. I've tried tsmuxer, Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate and multiAVCHD. I did get some cutting done the way I want in Xilisoft Video Converter but I think it just doesn't have the capability of a single audio track re mux, I don't know. You're probably right about Vegas Movie Studio but I just CAN NOT get the timeline concept mand a couple other things, so I get frustrated trying to understand the programs workflow. I've been wanting to spend $$ to get some training on it but almost all of the on line tutorials I have found to purchase, seem to gear a lot about the bells and whistles instead of substance of the program.
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