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    I have a MKV-file with an AVC format and a srt-file that I would like to play on my PS3.
    I want all the streams (1 video, 3 audio) and my subtitles to be selectable on my PS3.
    I've tried Multiavchd to create an Avchd in which I succeeded but it re-encoded first.

    Is it possible to do this without re-encoding it if I change its container with other software first?
    I've found many threads on google already but none of them have tought me how to accomplish.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    With best regards,

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    PS3 doesn't do soft subtitles with H.264/AVC video unless it is in AVCHD format. The problem with AVCHD is that the video CANNOT be cropped. It has to be exactly 1080p / 1920x1080 or exactly 720p / 1280x720 BUT of course many (most) video from the 'net will be cropped to some extent.

    You have two options. You can either re-encode the video (either burn the subs in and leave it cropped or add borders so it's no longer cropped so you can make an AVCHD). The other option is to stream it from your computer to you PS3 using something like PS3 Media Server BUT that requires you computer to transcode it on-the-fly so again there is quality loss and your computer may or may not be fast enough to do that.

    Other options include getting a dedicated media player that can handle more formats including soft subtitles and/or hooking the computer directly up to the HDTV (many video cards have an HDMI output making this simple ... unless of course your computer is far far far away from the HDTV).

    - John "FulciLives" Coleman

    In case you didn't know already there is a program called tsMuxeR that will take a MKV with H.264 video and AC-3 audio and turn it into a M2TS file. This is a simple demux / remux process (no re-encoding nor transcoding takes place). This works but the audio MUST be AC-3 and you can only have 1 track and no soft subtitles. Cropping of the video is A-OK though.
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