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  1. I was running VOB2MPG, but I ran out of disk space while it was running, so it crashed. Now, when I try to start it, it says "This application has encountered an error: 0xD000011E". I tried reinstalling it, but it didn't help. Please help me!
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  2. Hello. I have just encountered the same problem (which has the same cause - running out of disk space while VOB2MPG was running). Now, every time I try to open VOB2MPG I get the message "This application has encountered an error: 0xD000011E". Reinstalling, shutting down the machine and restarting, etc. doesn't help. Please could anyone tell me what to do to get the program working again. It has been absolutely brilliant so far, but is now unusable - if anyone can tell me what to do I would be very grateful. Thanks everyone.
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  3. Zup guys!

    I encountered this very same problem today and it almost drove me insane! (Reinstalling didn't work, etc.) But now, lo and behold, I've got a fix for ya!

    Like you I googled the problem and quickly found out that I wasn't the only one with this issue. However, I couldn't find a solution anywhere.

    Thinking about it, I realized that there must have been a bad file/setting somewhere that caused the crash. So I downloaded the Systinternals Process Monitor tool to see which files and registry keys the program uses.

    And there are quite a few... More like hundreds of accesses even before the program displays the error message!

    Painstakingly stepping through the entries in the list, I eventually found some suspicious-looking references to the following folder (and its subcontents) located in the home directory (oh, btw, AppData is a hidden folder):


    Deleting this folder and then restarting the program solved the problem for me!
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