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    There are some streaming videos that I can't download, so I'll have to use some screen recording software to capture them. What software is best for this? I'm interested in suggestions for both Windows and Mac. Thanks.
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    Of several I've tried, I like Screen Recording Suite by apowersoft the best for capturing the full screen. It has hotkeys for record, pause, save, and screencap so you don't have to use the mouse at all if you don't want to. For recording, it offers the most flexibility in terms of bitrate and framerate. For conversion, it offers almost everything I could think of. I don't like lossy recording, but this program is great if you have to go that route.

    I used a number of others, but the only ones that offered more flexibility cost much more.

    Good luck!
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  3. 1AVCapture is very effective to capture streaming video: You select the area of the screen where the video will play and record it to WMV or AVI. Excellent output quality.
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