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    I have a problem with Japanese subtitles.

    I have no problem displaying English subtitles but when I want to display Japanese subtitles they come out as SQUARES.

    I changed my Windows XP Regional Settings to Japanese (in Advanced & Regional tabs) just to get the correct codepages loaded. I can even read the Japanese correctly when I open the subtitle in Notepad).

    Players I've tried are:
    Media Player Classic
    VLC Player
    (all the same, just SQUARES for subtitles).

    Anyone know how to correctly display Japanese subtitles?
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    It is possible to do this in VLC but I am unable to help you with this right now. Basically you have to go into Options and change a setting under something that I think is called OSD & Subtitles. You have to pick a font to use. You will need a font that is capable of writing Japanese characters. I'm not promising that the subs will look fantastic, but you will at least be able to see them. You will also need to know what code page the current subtitles are in. You can get this by using a browser to open the subtitle file and changing the encoding until you are able to see the characters correctly.

    If you can't figure this out from what I said, send me a private message and I'll look up the exact information, but be warned that it could be after midnight in the UK before I can get to this.
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