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  1. im so frustrated right now so please save me lol....

    been using MSI Afterburner to take game capture AVI's but for some reason my editing software - Adobe Premiere Pro cs5.5 and Womble MPeg Video Wizard - wont display the video portion of the AVI when i import the movies into the programs... grrr

    so i broke down and bought DXTORY video capture program and its AVIs crash Womble Video Wizard and also wont display video in Premiere Pro using the H264 codec.. w t f.

    but fuking freebie crap Windows Movie Maker will run the AVI's just fine... but the editing tools are junk. ya i fukin bought Premiere Pro for my son for school.. 500$ and people are telling me to edit H264 movies ill need another plugin for 150$... wtf. this is why people use torrents...

    so is anyone using MSI Afterburner or DXTORY and have a good editing solution? i actually really like Womble Video Wizard so if someone could help me realize my problem. the Womble site recommended i install ffdshow for more file support so i did... didnt work.


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    It would help if you provided a liitle information about the files your are attempting to edit in addition to the .avi extension. Open one with Mediainfo then click View->Text. Copy and post the output so we can all see what you are trying to work with.

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    It would also help to stop breaking forum rules....stop cross-posting.

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    TheFounderX-Please do not cross post,one thread is enough,this thread is closed.
    I think,therefore i am a hamster.

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