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  1. I've been using Subtitle Edit, which I've found is really easy to use when creating subtitles for a video. However, what I want to do is not possible in the program, and so I would like to know if there's any way to achieve what I want.

    What I would like is to have subtitles that run as normal; i.e. A runs from 3 to 5 seconds, B runs from 6 to 8 seconds - but also have a third subtitle run from 2 to 9 seconds, and be positioned at the top of the video. Is this even possible? All the programs I've tried won't even let me have two subtitles at once, let alone move the position of them around the screen.

    Thanks for reading!
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    I guess you have to make ssa/ass subtitles with for example aegisub. Your player must also support it then.
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    I did a test with subtitle edit and it does not like you to overlap the times. It is possible however to enter the times you want and then
    save as .ASS for instance and then it will save positions. You will have to go into the xxx.ass file with notepad and alter where you want the subtitles. The ssa would look like:
    [Script Info]
    ; This is a Sub Station Alpha v4 script.
    Title: Untitled
    ScriptType: v4.00
    Collisions: Normal
    PlayDepth: 0
    [V4 Styles]
    Format: Name, Fontname, Fontsize, PrimaryColour, SecondaryColour, TertiaryColour, BackColour, Bold, Italic, BorderStyle, Outline, Shadow, Alignment, MarginL, MarginR, MarginV, AlphaLevel, Encoding
    Style: Default,Tahoma,18,16777215,65535,65535,-2147483640,0,0,1,3,0,2,20,20,20,0,0
    ; Notice the 3 above instead of 1 to make marquee. This line was added and changed Default to anything else to use below
    Format: Marked, Start, End, Style, Name, MarginL, MarginR, MarginV, Effect, Text
    Dialogue: Marked=0,0:00:00.00,0:00:09.00,Default,NTP,0000,00 00,0000,!Effect,{\a6}This is at top for duration
    Dialogue: Marked=0,0:00:00.00,0:00:03.00,Default,NTP,0000,00 00,0000,!Effect,Look I'm THIS for 3 seconds
    Dialogue: Marked=0,0:00:03.00,0:00:06.00,Marquee,NTP,0000,00 00,0000,!Effect,Now I changed to {\u1}this{\u0} w/Marquee
    Dialogue: Marked=0,0:00:06.00,0:00:09.84,Default,NTP,0000,00 00,0000,!Effect,And here I'm {\b1}BOLD{\b0}
    If you go here you will see a 9 second video with what you want. I inserted {\a6}
    above since \a6 is top center, the default is bottom center. These tags are described in detail at, excellent document. I know sounds like a lot of work but subtitle edit will only save as default ASS or SSA subtitle document.
    Budman1 (
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