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    i'm new here.

    I am sure that this subject has been asked before, but have not found this forum to answer.
    I purchased a LG burner Blu-ray. Burning with a 25GB media.
    I took my camera AVCHD files, 1920x1080, Then I'd edit a movie in STUDIO 15
    . I have some questions:
    A. Why before burning, when I select a disk type my case and put Blu-ray disc of 25GB Circle in the bottom shows me a quality of 63% or 100%? By the way I try to burn a movie half-hour length.
    B. When I put the Blu-ray disc player, there is a of choopy effects beteewn transion
    I tried three models of blu ray players: SONY, LG, PIOONER .
    I shot with camera is SONY HDR-CX115E
    Thanks in advance
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    I had the same concern about 63% quality and found the answer in the Pinnacle Studio Support area (now part of Corel). Here is the text of their post and a (long) link to their support forum article.

    I do not know why your video was choppy. I'm about to burn my first blu-ray now and will post again if I also have choppy video.


    Quality is not being lost during export to Blu-Ray disc. Popular HD camcorders produce files of about 25mbps maximum, and Studio’s Blu-Ray disc exporter supports 40mbps (at Best Quality). The 63% designation refers to the difference between the source files on the timeline and the Blu-Ray export Best Quality setting.

    Here are some examples of bit rates of video types.

    HDV = 25mbps

    JVC Everio HD = 26.6mbps average

    AVCHD = maximum of 24mbps, depending on type; consumer cameras may be closer to 17mbps.

    Because Studio supports 40mbps for Blu-Ray, the only way to display 100% quality in the discometer for this format, is to use a source format that is actually 40mbps.

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