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  1. Hi

    I have a got a special task at my work. In some industrial building of special machines for medical equipment, I need to record a sequence of a machine ,that can sort some articles. I have to make som fine tuning af the machine,but it is impossible to see what happens,when the machine is turned on(because of the speed),so I will record maybee 5 minutes,and then generate a new slowmotion format of the recorded clip.

    But I need some help to give me a hint about what equipment I need.
    A good camera with ?fps , and some software that can generate the original clip to a slowmotion clip.

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  2. You need a high speed camera. How fast depends on how fast the action is. What kind of resolution do you need? There are some fairly inexpensive consumer HD camcorders that can record at high frame rates with reduced resolution. The higher the frame rate, the lower the resolution. For example:
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