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  1. I'm running VOB2MPG PRO 3.0 and am not able to save to a lettered network drive. And while the drive is lettered, it is a linux SAMBA share, which I suppose might make a difference.

    The error message I receive is "Network paths are not allowed in this version of VOB2MPG". I also got this message when running the free version and that was one of the features that prompted me to buy the Pro version.

    I'm just curious if it's possible. It wastes a lot of time doing everything local and then copying the output to the network.
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    I'm also using the pro version and i can save to a networkdrive. The program can read and write from a networkdrive.
    It might have something to do with rights on that networkdrive.
    ps i'm using the latest version
    Did you remove the free version before you installed the pro version? If not you better remove all versions and only install the proversion.
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  3. I don't think permissions are the issue, as the VOB2MPG can see the contents of the network drive and I'm able to copy files to the drive after VOB2MPG has finished saving its output locally.

    I'm using the Pro version/build 3.2.2000

    I did fully uninstall the free version before install Pro.
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  4. I also got this error with the free version so I purchased the PRO version and still get the error.
    Anybody know why? I need this to be able to work across a network otherwise there's no point!
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    Same problem here too. I've tried "mapping network drive," too. No success. It would be very nice if someone from someone from SVCD2DVD would be step in and help with this situation. Most of us with this problem have paid for the product. It makes little sense for us to have to copy over files to a location that VOB2MPG is "happy" with in order to use the software. This is not acceptable. Please take some time to engage in customer service.

    We really need this resolved.

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