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  1. New to this forum so hope I am posting to the correct place. If not, please direct me to the correct one.

    I have a Panasonic DMR-ES35V. I love this unit. Usually trouble free. I used it yesterday all day to transfer some video to a RAM disk for editing and eventally to put on a permant disk and I had no problems.

    Today I turn on the Panasonic and within 20 seconds it shuts off by itself. I turn it back on, it turns itself off again within 20 seconds--why? It has done this a few times lately but eventually quits doing this (shutting off) and works fine/like normal. I didn't think much about it because it eventually quit doing this and was fine.

    Wonder--is this something major--any one have an idea? Can I safely take it apart and clean it--would this help? Has never been cleanned since I bought it new. Have had it for several years.

    I called Panasonic and they said it is a Power problem--"I knew this--duh"--and I would have to contact a Panasonic Exhange Center to have it serviced, and they gave me a phone number to call.

    I searched online for Panasonic Exhange Centers but I don't see any locations listed. With my luck they will be miles and miles away. I don't want to run all over God's green earth to get to a repair center.

    Many thanks for any help with this.

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    Might get your questions answered here:

    Lots of Panny owners there...
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  3. Thanks!

    Will certainly check it out!

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    I know that consumers believe that once they purchase electronics they will last for 100 years or more, but reality is far different. Your recorder is roughly 6 years old. It's not unusual for it to have problems at this age. I don't really keep up with Panasonic any more but we had a post earlier this year in one of our forums about them. If I remember correctly, they basically have a skeleton support staff left in the USA and to get a repair you are going to have to ship your recorder to some distant site for repair. The repair cost plus shipping will almost certainly be over $100, maybe a lot more than that, so you may need to consider whether it's really worth repairing an old recorder or not. WalMart sells DVD recorders and they've got some good refurbished Magnavox recorders that would be cheaper than paying for a repair (check their website, but prices start around $50). Do note that even if you get this repaired that it's just a matter of time before the burner needs to be replaced too, so you may only buy yourself as little as a few months with this.
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