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  1. Hello everyone

    I made this account to ask this question and count on your help and expertise

    See I have this fairly old HDTV that I use for various things (computer is connected through PC IN and DVI audio slots, Wii on component, regular TV viewing from cable). But, as I would find out later, it has no headphone jack.

    Sure very few people actually use headphones with TVs but I have an extension cable that does the job just fine while connected to the PC. But that only gives me headphone sound from the computer. I also need the audio from the Wii and the regular TV programming. The solution would be to use the TV's headphone jack, but since that lacks, what else can I do? Is there a special component or device I can purchase?

    The exact model of my TV is Samsung LN32B360 32-Inch 720p LCD HDTV.

    I hope someone can help me. Playing Skyward Sword at night wakes the wife up
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    The least expensive way might be to buy a set of powered computer speakers that have a headphone jack, and connect the speakers to the RCA audio output of the TV (normally used to connect the television to an A/V receiver). Normal usage would be to turn off the television's internal speakers and listen via the computer speakers, then at night plug your headphone cable into the speakers and let the wife get some sleep.
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  3. Most current flatscreen TVs lack a headphone jack, due to the misguided mfr notion that "no one needs it" so they can save the 50 cents it would have cost to include it in a $495 television. Their reasoning is, "everyone who buys a big flatscreen will absolutely, positively, certainly connect it to a home theater amplifier, therefore we do not need to include a headphone jack, passable internal speakers, or an audio circuit with more oomph than an iPod Nano." The thought of a bedroom TV or late night use apparently never occurs to any of the brilliant PhDs in the marketing depts of Samsung, Sony, Panasonic or LG. Infuriating.

    You have several alternatives, none of them as convenient and logical as a headphone jack built into the damn TV itself. You can buy a cheap or second hand compact audio amplifier, you can buy a ridiculously overpriced miniature dedicated headphone amplifier, or you can buy insanely expensive wireless headphones that connect to the TV digital audio output jack. In each case, you would connect the audio line output jacks of the TV to the line inputs of the external accessory, then plug your headphones into that. You have to choose the best compromise in terms of cost vs size (i.e., an old stereo receiver or amp can be picked up at a thrift store for $15-25 but will be large, and its kind of silly when all you need it for is its headphone jack). The cheapest, most compact solution is to buy a little converter box that connects to the optical digital audio jack of the TV and patches it to a headphone jack. This isn't ideal because you have little control over the volume, but it can work with appropriately matched headphones.

    Many "techie" owners get so disgusted they just open the TV and clip their own headphone jack to the speaker wires or internal audio circuit. This has the advantage of being cheap, but you really don't want to tamper with an expensive TV unless you've done such projects before. If the TV fits the back of your car, you could drive it over to a local repair shop and pay them to add a headphone jack, this might cost $50-$100.
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