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  1. Hi all

    After a bit of help

    Very pleased with my purchase of a Samsung HT-D6750/XU one of the reasons of the purchase was the fact I could, supposedly, watch Netflix on it.

    It seems to be able to have every other app on it including lovefilm etc but I can find any information from samsung about it?

    Has anyone else got this on their player or a similar samsung one?

    Many thanks in advance
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    I'd try asking Samsung about it - it's possible that you may need to update the firmware before you can view Netflix (an update to my Samsung BD player added YouTube and a few more 'apps,' for example, than it had out-of-the-box)... or that they removed the capability from the player for some reason.

    Better to find out what happened before updating the firmware, if you haven't already. It's usually more difficult to downgrade firmware than it is to upgrade.
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  3. Thankyou for your reply

    It did an auto update when we switched it on, and there is another firmware update on the samsung site so im just going to check which is on the player.

    Also I contacted Netflix and they said because its a fairly recent player Samsung may not have got round to the compatability issue yet and to keep checking for updates..

    Looks like im in for a wait anyway, at least we can still watch on the PS3
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    Your model is sold in the UK. Based on some things you said as they are not said in ways that Americans would say them, I suspect you are from the UK too.

    By the way, as a (presumably) UK person, please stop taking up the awful American habit of putting a damn question mark at the end of anything that puzzles you. Your sentence that starts with "It seems to be able..." is NOT a question. I get that the American school system has completely and utterly failed our nation for decades now, but surely you learned better than this.

    Anyway, grammar lesson off and more to your point, look here:
    There's no mention at all of Netflix. I think that is just wishful thinking on your part. This model is no longer in manufacture. Unless Samsung just wants to add a Netflix app out of the goodness of their heart there will be no Netflix streaming. I would not count on them adding support for it in the future.

    Finally as you may ask this down the road, you need to understand that as a BluRay player
    1) made by Samsung
    2) a 3D player
    3) part of a home theater system
    you will NEVER be able to unlock this for multi-region DVD or BluRay playback. NEVER. So don't ask.
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  5. I rejoined this site after years of being away, when it used to be called vcdhelp and simply to ask for advice. Not to have my grammar or nationality questioned.

    As it happens I am from the UK. Does it matter anyway??

    I already know about the region unlock

    1) I know how to use the search functions on forums
    2) Because I'm not that fu*king stupid
    3) Thanks for taking the time to reply anyway
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