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  1. I’m going to transfer a couple of analog tapes(Video8, Hi8) to my computer. They were recorded by SONY Hi8 XR CCD-TRV87E PAL. It has built-in TBC, DNR and S-Video output.

    1- My camera is PAL but the recorded tapes are all labeled as NTSC(I didn’t know it at the time of recording). Now I’m wondering whether the recorded videos are PAL or NTSC? the manual says that the camera is also able to play back tapes recorded in the NTSC video system.

    2- I’m going to convert them using Virtualdub and HuffYUV codec. If the recorded tapes are PAL, what frame rate should I set in virtualdub? 25 or 30? Also, what’s the ideal resolution for capturing Video8 and Hi8? 720x576?

    3- I’m not living in US and my options for buying capture devices are limited. Among capture cards I could find in local stores was Gigabyte U8300 usb with Conexant CX23102 decoder chip (the same chip in Hauppauge USB-Live-2), others were low quality pci tv tuner cards. Gigabyte makes good quality motherboards and graphic cards so I think it might be a good choice. Does USB connection limit the capture size/quality in some way? Is it better to look for a PCI or PCI-E card instead?

    My system: Intel E5300, ATI HD 4670, 2gb memory, win7 32bit
    Thanks for any help
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    VHS tapes are universal....I don't see any reason why Hi8 would be any different. I'm betting they are PAL.
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  3. If the camera doesn't have any menu or info display during playback to tell you which it is, and connecting it to a TV doesn't show you which it is, then capturing will certainly make it apparent. If you try to capture in the wrong standard, the picture will either not show or be distorted.
    The setting to capture PAL will be 720x576 or so, and NTSC will be 720x480.
    There's probably smaller versions available like 352x288 etc. (a smaller PAL resolution).
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  4. Jmac698 is right, if you try to capture with the wrong settings you'll get no picture, or a grossly distorted picture. Since it's a PAL camcorder try 720x576 25 fps (PAL). If that doesn't work try 720x480 29.97 fps (NTSC).
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  5. The tapes are universal, so if you used a PAL camcorder, the recordings are PAL. The NTSC markings are there to indicate that the running time of the tape is 120 minutes when recording NTSC video. PAL usually records at a slightly slower tape speed, so the tapes likely have more than 120minutes of video on them.
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  6. OK. Thank you all for your replies. I'll post a new thread for my last question.
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    If the tapes are recorded by NTSC camcorder then your camcorder will play those tapes but not in true NTSC format. In the menu are two ways to play NTSC tapes: "On PAL TV" and "NTSC 4.33". So, if the tape were recorded by NTSC camcorder, your capture card should have these: PAL 60 for On PAL TV or NTSC4.33 if the camcorder menu is set NTSC 4.33.
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