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  1. Helle everyone..

    I used to think I knew all about this program..
    There is one thing bothering me though.

    In the Video option:
    Framerate (FPS)

    What is the better choice and why?

    Constant Framerate or Variabel Framerate?

    I really wanne know this... has been bothering me for a while now.

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  2. pros and cons

    variable may give better compression (fewer frames are encoded), but may cause incompatibilities with certain devices, and difficulty editing later (most editors are CFR only)
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  3. Variable frame rate may save you a few percent on file size (CRF encoding) or give slightly higher quality (bitrate based encoding). Constant frame rate will give you better compatibility. VFR is more effective with cartoons and anime which tend to have many repeat frames.
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  4. Thank you guys..
    I will still to use CRF then.

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  5. Note :

    CFR = constant frame rate

    CRF = constant rate factor (rate control, 1 pass quality based encoding)
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