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  1. Hello & apologies if I posted in the wrong place.

    I have a SONY DVD recorder RDR-GX220 & was recording stuff from tv. When I copy that DVD to my pc it goes as a single 4GB .VRO file that I watch in Media Player Classic. The problem is the original video is of 720x576 size but when I play it in MPC it distorts it to 750x576. Also, importing that video to any video editing software also shows as if the original video was 4:3.072 but not 4:3.
    Is there any solution to have that video file in it's original size on pc, without any editing/stretching back to true original size?
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    Changing the container from .VRO to .mpg may help. Some players don't handle .VRO containers correctly. The quick and dirty method of simply changing the extension from .VRO to .mpg isn't 100% reliable because the two container formats are different. If you are using Windows, MPEG StreamClip can copy the audio and video to a different container without changing the video or audio.

    Download and install MPEG StreamClip then download and install Quicktime Alternative 1.81 (MPEG StreamClip is not compatible with later versions of Quicktime Alternative.) Open the VRO file by clicking "File" and "Open Files". Click "Edit" then select "Fix Timecode Breaks". Then click "File" and "Convert to MPEG".
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