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  1. Fresh installed xvid on win 7 64 bit Windows. I get this error there is no function names directshowsource.
    I check int he avisynth plugin directory directshowsource is there, installed byt he installer just chillin'. So I downloaded a new dll from sourceforge for giggles, same error.

    SO I tried the installer again as adminstrator in case that helped but no go. I searched the forum and did not see any others with this issue.

    Any thoughts? Think it was avisynth 2.5.8
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  2. Under 64 bit Windows the 64 bit and 32 bit video systems are completely separate. 64 bit VirtualDub (or any other editor) requires 64 bit filters, 64 bit codecs, and 64 bit AviSynth. 32 bit VirtualDub requires 32 bit filters, 32 bit codecs, and 32 bit AviSynth.
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