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  1. Hey everyone,

    I made this tutorial video demonstrating how I built a couple really nice little video lights for use with gels. These are a great way to add instant production value to your videos! Keep in mind, you can substitute epoxy for welding if you don't have a welder.

    Thanks for watching and let me know if you have any questions! I'll do my best to answer.

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    In general, very well done. I would offer a couple of "production" observations:

    1. The use of a second camera for close-ups is an excellent idea, but not when the you're looking at the first camera or bent over so far that the only thing in frame is the top of your head. Either talk into the second camera when doing the close-up, or limit its usage to shots of the work.

    2. Some people like myself learn better visually, which makes instructional videos like this one great, but you should try to edit in visual lists when talking about how many of which lengths need to be cut. I for one can't write as fast as you listed them, and replaying, replaying, replaying the video to try and catch it all is, well, annoying. A four or five second shot of a computer generated (or printed) materials list would be really helpful.

    3. Smile. I know that presenting in public can be nerve wracking for many people, but the whole presentation can be much more inviting if the audience feels like you're a friend taking to them one-on-one. This is one of the reasons for the second, close-up camera -- intimacy with the audience -- which is why you have to be looking into it, not away from it.

    kudos on a job well done!
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