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  1. Got myself JVC HM-DT100U D-VHS unit to transfer some tapes using firewire connection. For some reason I was thinking that it would transfer in DV/AVI format. But the native transfer format when using a regular VHS tape, appears to be MPEG2 9550kbps video, MPEG Layer2 384Kbps Audio, and a 2nd 1920Kbps PCM audio track. Is anybody familiar with these D-VHS units?
    Is there a way to tweak the video bit-rate as high as possible?
    I believe that I'm noticing small compression artifacts during fast movement.
    HDMI output gives lots of aliasing even when I try to tweak video options. My solution so far is to capture the video using component output to lossless or at least DV, and then encode to AVC/MPEG4 with quality deinterlacing and stuff like that...

    Any helpful thoughts will be appreciated.
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    The manual says that Firewire OUT is MPEG2....and 9550kbps with PCM audio MIGHT already be over official DVD specs anyway.

    I've captured to 12,000 with my Hauppauge PVR-350 but that is terrible overkill....after all this is VHS we are talking about here.
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  3. In the usual sense yes. But I managed to work some magic with avisynth; few corrections, quality de-interlacing and little upscaling. Which is the main reason I need at least near lossless capture. The final result is a lot better than when viewing the original tape. DVD MPEG2 spec seems to not able to handle smooth 100% artifact free video.
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