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  1. I need a camera that will both record and put out a live video feed at the same time if that is possible. We need to record services for the sick as well as send a video feed to the nursery and over flow rooms. Is there a camera that while do this and should I be looking at other options? Not looking to spend more than absolutely necessary on that project as we are a small country church.
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  2. Do you plan to broadcast your video (wireless) to other rooms or do you intend to string cables?

    Wireless is the way I would go but it will be costly.
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  3. I haven't decided for sure. Most the wireless seem to be limited to about 100 feet so I have to check into that. Just trying to find a camcorder that will record while it is outputting to the distribution system.
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    Why not output the camera into a chain of hardware, and record with something inline that way?
    Lots of large churches dump to a DVD recorder while also playing on the big screen behind the pulpit.

    It gets more complex with HD.
    (Most of the videos just end up online anyway, and are not required to be in HD.)
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  5. Which hardware would you recommend for that?
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