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  1. Hi,

    so as the title says, i cant. When i try to append the second avi i get this error saying both audios have different rate samples. What can i do in these cases? do i have to join the audio separately or something?

    Thank you.
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  2. What is the sample rate? vdub has problems if it's off by even a fraction .

    You can try resampling the audio

    Or use other programs seem to be more resilient in joining despite fractional differences e.g. avidemux
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  3. I dont remember exactly, but i already worked out anyway. I had to extract the audio from both videos and then join them with audacity. After that i imported the new audio into the joined avi. I know it sounds painful (and it was) but I couldnt find any othr way. Anyway, i would like to try a more practical method next time. How do i resample the audio as you suggest?

    Thank you.
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  4. That workaround isn't painful at all.

    If it's fractionally off you can resample the audio in an audio editor like audacity, or even vdub, avisynth

    If you're re-encoding the video & audio anyway, then it doesn't matter. But if you're trying to join the video without loss, then you might try avidemux
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    That's why these paid NLE programs are so popular. They do the dirty work, you do the creating.
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  6. avisource("file.avi".resampleaudio(48000)+avisourc e("file 2.avi".resampleaudio(48000)

    If you want to try working with avisynth, the above script wil work very well I use it all the time to join mismatched files, painless.
    And if you get an error about "different data formats" you can use it this way, makes it alot more ocmpatible below.

    avisource("file.avi".resampleaudio(48000).convertt oyv12()+avisource("file 2.avi".resampleaudio(48000).converttoyv12()

    The fporum is messed up a little, if you use the script ont he line above don't put any spaces. The fporum as somehow adding a space int he converttyv12() for some reason.
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