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    Hi, I have a client that wants a XDCAM HD 50 encoded .mxf file.. Rendering this out is not an issue, the problem that I have facing is with their audio requirements. They want the audio track to be 2 channels, 1 stereo L and 1 stereo R. Now, I don't have a problem setting up the audio with the video as per those specs, but when I render it out, the rendered file gives me 2 mono channels , and theres like 9 tracks of audio... Anyone have any idea how I can make sure that what the audio output is, is just the 2 channels of stereo L and R..? Thanks
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    Maybe I get this wrong, said your client'd wanted the video with 2-channel audio. So L+R gives 2 channels. If you wanted stereo L and stereo R that would make 4-channel audio, because stereo already is 2-channel. And now...hail to the Flood coming over me
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  3. Audio can be fixed and then all original video and that new audio can be put into mkv format, purpose of this is to see and hear all original shoot with media devices.

    ffmpeg can demultiplex your mxf:
    ffmpeg -i video.mxf -vcodec copy -an video.m2v -map 0:1 -acodec  copy -vn left_audio.wav -map 0:2 -acodec copy -vn right_audio.wav
    you get video.m2v, left_audio.wav, right_audio.wav, notice how -map works within ffmpeg to get to different tracks, video is for example -map 1:0, but this is default so you do not need put it into command line if you start with it

    then sox utility can make one audio from those two audio tracks:
    sox -M left_audio.wav right_audio.wav stereo.wav

    you can just covert audio and leave original video, this way it is much easier, you can get sound from Premeiere or VLC etc. , you mux video and audio into mkv again,

    if they want to edit it they would need originals though and they can view it within editor ...
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