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  1. Hello,

    I have a question regarding video conversion that I have yet to find asked by anyone else. I have a Mac Keynote presentation (similar to Powerpoint) that I need to convert to a .wmv or .mpeg format. I can easily convert it to a .mov file but then I encounter an issue after that...

    I'm presenting the presentation live for a symposium so I need to have control of the slide transitions and animations. When I convert the Keynote file to a .mov file through the Keynote app, it maintains my control of the transitions and animations. Each time I hit the spacebar or mouse, it moves to the next animation just as you can do in Powerpoint.

    Now my issue is that whenever I try to convert the .mov file to any other format, I lose control of the transitions. There are no pauses between animations and the whole presentation plays through non-stop like a movie (not good if I need to talk about every slide!).

    Can anybody help me figure out how to maintain my control of the transitions? I don't really know what Keynote does to "embed" the transition control into the .mov file but using .mov files has worked great for me in the past, but this new symposium I'm going to demands only .wmv or .mpeg formats. I'm a complete newbie to the video conversion scene so gentle explanations would be best! But I'm desperate so any help would be much appreciated!

    Thanks in advance!
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    Welcome, but like many new members you fail to realize that the critical thing in your post is NOT the final result but that Mac is involved. I am going to ask a moderator to move this to the Mac forum. You need Mac specific help on this.
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    Thread moved to the mac forum where you can get more help.
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