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  1. Hi. I am capturing a video that the first 15 minutes have stability problems (image going up and down). Since I can't afford a quality TBC like Datavideo TBC-1000, I have to deal with it. The problem is that when I am trying to capture this part, fps at VirtualDub are dropping below PAL 25fps:

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    It causes the video to be sorter than it really is, it actually is 19:01 minutes but the capture with VirtualDub is 18:38 minutes. If I capture it with my card's MPEG2 program there isn't any problem but the quality is low.
    Is there any way to force solid 25fps?
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    There are many settings in Virtualdub capture, that it may be a setting somewhere.
    There is a simple capture program in the tools/downloads section called Stoik.

    I've successfully captured to HuffyUV at 720x480 using my Avermedia M780 pci-e capture card.
    Perhaps you could try that.

    Why is the cards mpeg-2 capture program poor exactly? Does the device do hardware encoding?
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  3. You can set VirtualDub to insert null frames when it detects a missing frame. Capture -> Timing...
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