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    Hi this is jay

    I require a software tool which can demux 4 videos into a single video using time division multiplexing.

    Is there a tool which can demux this.

    the video format when downloaded from mini cassette is in MWA format.

    Thanks in advance.


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    You're mixing your terms: "Demux" refers to taking a single, bundled stream of many strands and unravelling it into separate component streams. TDM is a form of "muxing" or "multiplexing" that does the REVERSE - taking separate component streams and weaving them into a single stream of many strands.
    What do you really want to do? Tell us your ultimate goal(s)...

    Yes there are tools that can do this, but the choice of tool is dependent upon the choice of component stream format(s). Give us more info.
    Some don't cost much, if anything, but the more powerful muxing tools (e.g.: PixelTools') cost a LOT.

    Mini cassette? What do you mean by this? Is that even a format? (not counting the OLD, short-lived analog format, pre-cursor to OLD micro-cassette)
    MWA? Never heard of it. Could you be meaning WMA (which is a Windows Audio format and not a Video format)?

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