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  1. I bought a 60" inch Sharp Aquos late last year. At first I was really confused because the set did not offer an s-video input. Just the HDMI, the component and the composite inputs.

    So, I wanted to see how some vhs tapes looked and hooked up the vcr to the composite settings.

    I'd made dvds of these videos and the dvds look really crappy on this set. So, I wasn't expecting much.

    Well, I got really surprised by the fact that these vhs tapes look fantastic on this set through the composite video.

    The miracle here is the 3d digital comb filter installed in the set.

    So, now I want to experiment with capturing through a 3d digital comb filter that will upgrade the video the way the video was upgraded on the set. There is no capturing through the set itself, so I have to look for an external device that will allow capturing into a computer.

    Does anyone know of such a device? What I've found so far doesn't fill the bill.
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  2. The ATI Theater 650 and 750 have 3d comb filters but they have automatic gain problems. The ATI 600 doesn't have the automatic gain problems but also doesn't have the 3d comb filter.

    For VHS capture you really need an S-VHS deck with a line TBC. Or an extern line TBC. Some DVD recorders have a line TBC built in and work in pass-through mode. I have a Panasonic ES15, for example. There are some Toshiba (I think) models that get recommended a lot.

    If you use an S-VHS deck with line TBC and capture s-video you don't need a 3d comb filter.

    And just to be sure you understand, a 3d comb filter is for preventing dot crawl artifacts on composite caps. It's not a general noise reduction filter.
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