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    Hi there,

    I've read a number of threads but am slightly confused.

    I've got a bunch of DVD's that I want to convert to store on my htpc. I currently stream (using Windows Media Center) from the htpc to the xbox 360 over Cat5 in another room.

    I've read that the xbox 360 is pretty limited in what it can play - presumably that is the case with streaming as well?

    I was planning on using Xvid4psp and using AVI format with Xvid (Q2.0 HQ) encoding and AC3 (640k) for audio. Is that the best option?

    Ideally I wanted to keep the DVD menus - some of the DVD's are for the kids and have various episodes within them. So either would want to split episodes and have them as separate AVI files or have them as one combined with the DVD menu in tact.

    Any thoughts - is this the best option?
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    Forget dvd menus.

    But you can stream dvd isos with for example ps3 media server and maybe some plugin for windows media center(like ) . Then can you skip the converting to some other video format, you just rip the entire dvd to one single iso. But I don't know how well it works for episodes though.
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    I don't know how well PS3 Media Server works or doesn't work, but you could also rip to ISOs and buy a streaming media player like one of the Western Digital models. Those are pretty small in size.
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