Hi all,

Firstly a big pat on everyone's back - this forum is great!

Now, to business - I have a largeish collection of video media (many tv series) in varying formats. I've been meaning to "sort it out" for ages and have recently found the motivation to do just that. After a whole lot of searching and umming and aaahing I've bought an apple tv 3, and a NAS, and have elected to go apple with everything (and transcode everything with handbrake/vidcoder into mp4/m4v)

My question - I can't seem to find any decent auto tagging apps available for mp4's for Win. iDentify looks about right, but its Mac only.
I don't mind paying a small amount for mp4 autotagging with integration into imdb/tvdb/tvrage etc.
I'm sure I'm not the only one with this issue - can you guys help me out with some recommendations?

Thanks in advance!!

(ps. I did try metaX but TERRIBLE ui and couldn't get it to work..)