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  1. Hi, I am currently using, as stated in the Title, an Elgato Game Capture HD. The issue that I am currently having is that I can record in 720p with it perfectly fine but when I try to record in 1080i I get an issue with my video most of the time. Here is a video of the issue: I can't record in 1080p as of yet; it doesn't support it at this time, I was simply wondering if someone could help me out by providing me some information as to why the problem at the bottom of the video is happening.
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    This is Nick Freeman from Elgato Support. Please contact us via, so we can work with you to solve your unusual problem with Elgato Game Capture HD.

    We don't recall seeing that visual artifact at the bottom of the screen, on any of our setups. So, we'll need more information from you - please answer the following questions not via this forum, but when you contact us:
    1. Are you using a Mac or PC? Please tell us all of the specs of your system. 2. Are you using a PS3 or Xbox? 3. HDMI or Component? 4. Does this problem happen only via the recording, or via the pass-through monitor as well? 5. If it does also happen via the pass-through monitor, does it happen without having the software running (just pass-through). To test this, you can just make sure the USB cable is plugged into an USB power source, including one of those USB-wall power adapters. 6. What are the exact settings in the software (profile, bitrate, preserve source format)? 7. Does it happen all the time or is it just sporadic?

    We look forward to your response, via You can mention "Nick Freeman" and VideoHelp in your ticket, so I'll be sure to get it so I can follow up.

    Nick Freeman
    Customer Support

    Elgato Systems LLC -
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