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  1. I have recorded an avi in a program that has many features called virtual dub. now, i have recorded some videos that i'd rather keep, for editing purpose that work in kmplayer which is a korean media player that will play anything in the universe.

    my problem is that this file won't play correctly in reaper and won't load at all in sony vegas, so i can't do anything with it, which is quite annoying.

    so my question is in many parts. i'd like to know, if possible, what could be the settings responsible for this annoying result, how i could salvage the videos i've recorded, and thirdly, which may be just a whole different solution, which programs are good for compressing video?

    i will assume my problems i am having with virtual dub, have to do with compression settings, so either way, i'll need ot figure out how to avoid getting the issue where i can't play the file anywhere.

    my recording computer is separate from my editing computer, which means i need to have the video in a compressed format before bringing it to my other computer, or else it will take years to transfer it over.

    as a last resort, i could potentially do the editing on the computer that records, but i really really wanna avoid doing that.
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    What format? Container(avi,mp4,mkv) and video and audio codec? YOu can use use mediainfo and open the video to check if you have know idea.
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  3. it's avi. not sure about the rest, i'll have to use that software and get back to you on that one.
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