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  1. Hello. I recently made a DVD with 4 AVI film files on it. I played each file back on my laptop with Windows Media Player and each one was flawless.

    Thinking they were all ok, i then proceeded to copy them onto a Verbatim DVD-R.

    3 of the films were perfect yet just the 1 seems to be dysfunctional. It plays for about 4 secinds then freezes and will not resume. I was really gutted!

    I have been putting AVI files on DVD-Rs for quite a while now and making sure each one plays fine using the media player. But i've never had the problem of a seemingly perfect file not operating on a DVD player before.

    Can anybody help? It'd be much appreciated.
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    computers play just about anything, tv's not so much. they have specific video types and limitations. read your instruction manual or research online to get the specifics of what it plays. use that info to make a template to encode your videos to.

    also you can use mediainfo to see what is different on the ones that play and those that don't.
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  3. Did you try burning it again? Might just have been a poor quality burn and your DVD player can't read the disc properly.
    Does the AVI play fine on the PC using the disc? Not that it proves too much. Optical drives in PCs tend to be better readers than standalone devices.

    Or as aedipuss pointed out, there's certain ways even an Xvid/AVI can be encoded which a standalone device mightn't play, or even the way the audio and video was muxed as an AVI..... where as a computer won't have a problem with it. They're not too common, most people encode using "standlone player friendly" settings, but they're out there. Resolution could also be the problem. An Xvid/AVI can be standard definition or high definition etc, but a width of 720 pixels is usually the limit for a standard definition AVI capable DVD player.
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    All Verbatims are not the same. Their Life series which Best Buy and other stores sell is the same low quality crap you can get from every other manufacturer. Anything not in the Life series, including DataLifePlus, is fine though. If you have the Life series, let us know. It's relevant to your problem.

    All the responses are good. We really need the MediaInfo data on your files to figure out what is going on. And your TV is irrelevant. Might have been nice to have mentioned the brand and model DVD player you have just in case we know of any quirks it has.
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