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  1. Read quite a few posts about changing Video Output Module in VLC, but nothing definitive on how to select the best one for a given system.

    I'm using VLC 2.0.1 on Vista x64;
    have an EVGA GT 240 w/ fairly recent WHQL Nvidia drivers.

    After upgrading the video drivers (they're a female dog to install), most videos showed blank screen. Noticed VLC's - Video Output Module setting was on "Default." (No idea what it was in past).

    I chose OpenGL - only because remembered Nvidia release notes mentioned drivers supported a newer version of OpenGL. Videos now play, but I've no idea if OpenGL is the best one to select, OR... if it is in fact the one being used by VLC, even though it's selected. (VLC has lots of glitches).

    1) Is there a way to tell which output module is best for a given system, given video, GPU & driver set?
    2) Is selecting one Video Output module necessarily the best one for all videos (even though they may play), or might I need to select different Output Modules at certain times?

    That's where the tricky part is... unless a video playback is terrible, how do you know the best Output Module is selected? How can ONE Video Output Module be best for all videos / formats / codecs?
    Other than "Default," attached image shows available Video Output Modules. No idea if VLC is finding all available ones.

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