Hi, I currently have a PC that I do everything on so it has a lot of programs. I have tried many times to author Blu-ray disks, but I have yet to get even a single successful outcome. Some thought I was using cheap media - this turned out to be a faulty DVD drive which itself failed all writes, and could not be booted from, and appeared to be causing problems with my BD drives as well.

I fear that the combination of hardware and software may be a contributor to my problems, so I've decided to build a dedicated computer. I'm planning to go with 16GB G-Skill DDR3-2133 CL9Q (BZH), RAM, An I7-3770K CPU, ASRock Extreme4 mobo, Seagate ST2000DM001 2TGB Spinner, OCZ Vertex 3 120GB SSD, and a EVGA GTX-570 SC graphics card and a Corsair 650W PSU. I'm looking at a Pioneer BDR-207DBK drive. That takes care of the hardware.

The software, codecs and filters is where I get into trouble.

I have licences for and/or use..
  • Lifetime licence for DVDFAB ALL products, version currently.
  • ConvertXtoDVD v365c
  • AVStoDVD 2.4.2
  • Handbrake 0.96
  • ImgBurn
I also tried to use Adobe Encore CS4 (though I don't want to spend any more money on Adobe products), but the pxengine was out of date, and after I updated it I started having all sorts of problems with Windows not responding. Though, if you don't install that update you can't select the Blu-ray output option - it justs crashes the computer

HCenc, QuEnc, aften, wavi, dgpulldown, Avisynth, MKVToolnix, MediaInfo are installed by various other programs during install.

I have installed the ffdshow filters as required by AVStoDVD, and run the tweaker to set it to use ffdshow rather than the Micro$oft drivers.

I have tried MultiAVCHD and AVCHD Coder - neither of which work - they crash during encode - always.

I have not installed any 64 bit programs. I have tried to keep everything the same - all 32bit, no mixing and matching - trying to avoid conflicts.

So, the question I need help from the experts is; what software do you recommend, and what combination of software works best, in your experience, and finally, what codecs and filters should I be using? Have I missed any?

I don't install the shark007 or k-lite codec packs. I don't even install the DIVX codec any more - Only what the above programs install by default. And I don't generally fiddle with settings.

Yes, I know I'm a complete noob. Gotta start somewhere though. I ask that you be patient with me.

Oh, the computer will be running windows 7 Ultimate x64.

I have also referred to this post for advice before posting: https://forum.videohelp.com/threads/341804-Basic-advice-on-codecs-filters-hardware-combinations

thanks for your help.