I'm trying to determine a few things regarding setting up the monitors for the forthcoming workstation that will serve as both my video and audio editing station.

For video, I will be working with both SD and HD (eventually) material so I know an IPS-based monitor would be necessary for color-correction purposes. I will also do a dual-monitor setup. However, with such a setup, would I need to buy two IPS monitors for regular work and need a third monitor for final output checking? I've read that you could just use two normal LCD panels and then a IPS-based one for the third for final output.

I also recently built an XP box to handle the older SD captures and some of the audio tasks but to avoid needing so many extra monitors, I figured to get a KVM switch where I can switch between the XP box and the workstation PC using the dual monitor setup.

So question is, would it make sense to get dual IPS monitors for the majority of the work, with a third for checking the output? I am sure I will need to grab an additional small broadcast monitor to check the sources from the analog VTR decks.