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  1. Hi,

    I am using Sony Vegas Pro 11 with a passive 9800GT card. That works fine with MPEG2 HD, but the CUDA effect is small.

    Now I want to work with AVCHD, so I am looking for a faster GeForce card. What passive cards would you recommend?

    Kind regards

    Miepel, Germany
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  2. I am editing AVCHD using 9800GTS card in a laptop and having no problems. I am using Sony Vegas Movie Studio 11. Try it.
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  3. The 9800GT has only CUDA v1.0 (the GTS card has v1.1). The functions are very limited. If I am right, the 400 oder 500 cards are having v2.1 oder higher. That should speed up the timeline playback and the rendering, right?
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  4. Vegas doesn't use CUDA directly, it uses OpenCL framework.

    Also, editing and timeline performance isn't accelerated directly, only certain effects and transitions are offloaded to the GPU - so the end results might "feel" smoother and some projects are rendered faster (i.e instead of CPU rendering those effects, the GPU can do it, so overal rendering is faster)

    But if you have a no effects or scaling project (ie. you just drop a clip on the timeline), it will be identical in performance

    You can see the list of supported cards on the right side of this page
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  5. I am especially interested in reducing the rendering time. Will a GeForce 4xx card be significantly faster than a 9800GT?
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  6. The difference would depend on the project type, amount of effects used, etc.. And only MPEG2 and Sony AVC are accellerated for export

    Since your current card offers no aceleration (it' s not on the supported list), you can expect some difference. Have a look at this threads for benchmarks and a rough idea
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  7. It seems, that I need a card with CUDA 2.x. That means, any card like GeForce 4xx or better. My 9800GT works, but doesn't speed things up significantly, because of CUDA 1.x. That is the tenor of the tread above, right?

    By the way: My 9800GT is supported (GeForce 9xxx = GeForce 2xx, only a new name for the same GPU.
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  8. Oh right... it was one of those "rebadged" cards. Nvidia does that a lot

    I' m not really sure of the exact numbers you would gain, I only know what I've read. Maybe you can ask in the sony vegas forum as well. Maybe some has a similar setup to you and switched GPU's or did some benchmarks

    I ditched Vegas for Adobe a while back, so never upgraded to Vegas Pro 11
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  9. Thanks for your replies.

    So, I want to come back to my initial question: What passively cooled GeForce card is recommended for Vegas Pro 11?
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  10. For a passively cooled card, I would wait until a 6XX series card is released. They are way more efficient at 28nm. I think only high end cards are available right now (690,680,670) until they trickle down
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  11. Sounds good. Any information about these new cards?
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  12. Actually I don't even know if they're making any (yet). Might have to wait a while. They look all rebadged except on the high end

    I think you would definitely want the 28nm Kepler series (GK104) .
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  13. In Germany we say: "Abwarten und Bier trinken!" (Simply wait and drink beer)
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  14. Actually the GK107 is a cut down version, but still on 28nm process according to that chart . Definitely be careful about rebadged cards

    So maybe look around for gt 640 or 630 in a few weeks. I haven't seen any of the mid or lower range 6XX cards in any shops or online yet
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  15. Thank you for your ideas. I'll go to bed. Good night!
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  16. So, what do you think about a GTS 450? Does this card speed up Vegas, especially in comparison to a 9800GT?
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  17. Correct me if I am wrong here but reading posts in the Vegas forums, I noted that most of the guys say a faster CPU with more cores has more effect on rendering times. So if that is true then upgrading your GPU may have some effect but not as much as updating the CPU.
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    GPU acceleration sounds sexy, but fails to deliver anything tangible. Just a new buzzword to keep consumers consuming.
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