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    Hello there,

    I'd like to backup a PAL-DVD. It's interlaced, top field first.
    Now, regardless of what kind of de-interlacer I use - the playback in the resulting mpeg4-file in certain places is jerky, but not all the time. Those places seem to be the ones that show heavy combing when played back interlaced.
    (That's why I want to deinterlace at all: I know the discussion, I am fair but this clip otherwise is practically not watchable.)

    So far, I have been out of luck. I tried (since it seems to have been NTSC in the first place) to telecide, separate fields and weave them after swapping - since the very down-to-earth deinterlacers like yadif, decomb, tom'smocomb or Kerneldeint produced nothing worth watching...
    I tried changing the field order of the elementary video file with ReStream, but there was no difference. I made the usual tests to determine field order correctly - and was wondering why it appeared to be playing back smoothly in both order variants, bff and tff...

    Any suggestions? Help, please!
    Here is a short sample clip, in case someone would like to have a look... Perhabs I overlooked just something basic and simple. Thanks in advance.
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  2. It's been field blended in the conversion to PAL, you can use srestore to get the film rate back (23.976) and get rid of most of the blends (It won't be 100% perfect, a few blends might remain)


    Bob() #or some other bobber

    Here is an example (xvid/AVI)
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    • File Type: avi 1.avi (3.90 MB, 38 views)
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  3. Member nbarzgar's Avatar
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    Awesome, just what I needed!
    Thanks for the fast reply!
    I'll start encoding right away. (Didn't come across srestore yet...)

    EDIT: Anyone interested using this and new to this function, like me, use the resources as follows.
    srestore (is a function to be imported, cf. the readme-file), from here:
    Doom9-srestore-Download and Discussion-thread
    AviSynth-wiki, MaskTools, version 2.0a48 (this one worked for me, not the latest...)
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