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    Warning: This firmware is only for players with bootcodes of 18 or greater!
    The Read Me text included with the download says it will work with bootcode 16:
    NOT TRUE. THIS WILL BRICK A 16! I found out the hard way.
    The Read Me says:
    Before you begin, make sure to have the correct firmware version for your bootcode!!
    (16 Only OR 18+)
    Sure sounds like it supports 16, but I found a post in the Patriot forum that said it was supposed to read:
    "16+ or 18+ Only" Now that sounds like a CYA. <g>

    -Firmware System Revision update Procedure-
    *To check which bootcode version is installed, press Stop then Pause button @ HOME screen*
    The bootcode seems to be in several places.
    On the player I successfully flashed:
    System Revision: has a BC18 as part of the number.
    Bootup: is 18
    Bootcode: ends in 18
    Now, with that warning out of the way, on to the good news.

    I just updated my firmware to P70R2.

    This solved two problems for me.
    Some mkv movies wouldn't play the video, audio or both.
    I discovered this was caused by a "Header Stripping" option being enabled when the files were created.
    I had been remuxing the mkv's with the option turned off to "fix" these problem mkv's. A royal pain.
    This firmware update fixes that problem!

    The second problem was my Comcast remote would turn on the Box Office when I changed channels or volume.
    That problem was also fixed by the new firmware.

    I haven't seen these fixes mentioned anywhere so I thought I would post it for others that might be suffering with the same issues.
    If I had know, I would have updated much sooner.

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    Hi Andor1999,

    Do you know where I can get the firmware for the unit again? The link to Patriot Box do not work anymore.

    Thank you.
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    I spent about 15 minutes searching for it with Google and came up empty.
    It looks like Patriot is out of the media player business.

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    I agree the P70R2 solved my problem with mkv files not displaying video.

    I found the firmware at

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